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Ilka Schröder


Press Release 10/2003
Bruxelles, 15.05.2003

What the European Parliament calls "inquiring" the accusations concerning the funding of palestinian terrorism by the European Union.

Antizionism - EP prefers it in camera

Regarding the decision of the so called working group of the European Parliament which is to investigate the EU payments to the Palestinian Authority, to hold its future meetings in camera, Ilka Schröder, independent Member of the European Parliament and initiator of the request to constitute an inquiry committee, comments:

With its decision to hold the meetings of the working group in camera and thus to exclude the public, the protagonists of the European Middle East policy clearly show what they´re intending to do: The question of antisemitic terror-funding shall not be investigated in public.
Thus by the financial basis as well as by the political climate, the stage is set for a Palestinian policy that is promoting and executing assassination of Jews as appropriate means.

To make sure that nobody could intervene with critical remarks in this disgraceful business one has decided for the future that not
even those Deputies of the European Parliament that aren´t
members of the working group will be allowed to take part in the meetings. Obviously, this is a clear contravention against the rules of procedure of the European Parliament. But this is not surprising at all : in its fight against Israel, the pro-Palestinian majority adopts every lawful and unlawful measure. The working group is going to discuss claims against Israel which refer to the destruction of EU-funded infrastructure by the IDF in a war that is forced on Israel by Fatah, Hamas and Hizbullah.
Therewith, this working group emerges as a thing different from a placebo, as a laboratory for anti-israelian policy.

In February, 170 parliamentarians supported the establishment of an inquiry-committee to investigate the use of EU-funds for antisemitic acts of terror by Arafat's administration. Despite the overwhelming evidence of the fact that EU-fundings were channelled into the black budget of the Palestinian Authority, until today the adaption of the request is being illegaly denied . Instead, the chairmen of the political groups established a working group which doesn´t exist at all in the rules of procedure of the European Parliament.

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