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Ilka Schröder


Press Release,
Nr. 03/2002, Brussels, June 14, 2002

Neutralise the achievements of the EU's terror aid

Euro Cheques for the Israeli Defense Forces

Ilka Schroeder, Member of the European Parliament (United European Left / Nordic Green Left  Group) declares on the recent discussion of EU financial aid for Palestinian terrorism:

Following the revelations on the EU's financing of terrorist bombers and their familiesEU financial aid for the palestinians must be discontinued.

At the end of January, the EU's Foreign Ministers threatened to sue the Israeli Government for compensation of destroyed EU projects.

One of the reasons for Israel's dramatic budgetary situation is the necessity to neutralise again and again, using military force, the achievements of the EU's terror aid - broadcasting buildings for propaganda terror as well as bomb workshops for all those who put the advice they get on radio and TV into action.

If the EU were concerned about Israel's security, it would now have to hand over the Euro cheques to the Israeli Defense Forces.


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