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Ilka Schröder


Press Release,
No. 04/2002, Brussels June 19, 2002

Parents are responsible for their children - and the EU for its Palestinian Euros

Inquiry Committee on terror aid needed

On the occasion of the visit of the EU Commissioner for Foreign Policy, Christopher Patten, in the EU Parliament, Ilka Schroeder, Member of the European Parliament (United European Left / Nordic Green Left Group) declares:
The EU reactions to the leaks of its financial promotion of Palestinian terrorists are pathetic. EU Commissioner Patten's conclusions in the EP committees mean no investigation, no consequences, no political evaluation of the problem. An EU Commissioner should not dodge behind legalistic budget rules, but has to comprehend the political dimensions of the terror aid to the Palestinian Autonomy Authority.
In denying all EU responsibility and shifting the accountability exclusively to the PA, the commissioner shows that he has not quite understood that parents are responsible for their children. Parents who allow their children to get hold of matches despite the fact that the offspring has burned down the house before, will legitimately be punished. Not to know and not even to want to know must not be an apology - neither for parents, nor for EU Middle East policy.
If the European Commission keeps on refusing a serious investigation, Parliament has to draw its conclusions. If Council and Commission do not draw any serious consequences from the terror affair within a few days, first steps to establish an Inquiry Committee must be taken. In the past, the European Parliament has decided to establish such committees on far less alarming incidents.


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