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Ilka Schröder


Press Release [deutsch]
No. 05/2002, Bruxelles September 20, 2002

Invitation to a press conference

No terror funding by the European Union!

Inquiry committee requested in order to examine illegal use of EU fundings to the Palestinian Authority for terrorists attacks - Members of the European Parliament from six different political groups present a request.

Antrag auf deutsch (pdf) / Request in english (pdf) / Solicitud en castellano (pdf) / Requête en francais (pdf) / Richiesta in italiano (pdf)

During the last weeks and months, new indications of an illegal use of European tax funds by the Palestinian Authority (PA) have arisen.

Thus, Members of the European Parliament from six different parliamentary groups demand the establishment of an inquiry committee on

Tuesday, September 24, 2002
at 2.30 p.m. in the press room (LW N -1/201)
the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The basis for an inquiry committee is an assumed breach of Community law. The focal point of the request is the possible use of European Union financial support for other purposes than the intended ones. EU funding to the PA is paid since June 2001 as a direct budgetary assistance.

The PA might have used different masking techniques, for instance false reporting to control bodies, a forced membership fees for the Fatah on all PA salaries, the establishment of a shadow budget as well as the manipulation of currency exchange rates.

The requested inquiry committee shall check whether the PA has alienated European Union funds on purpose using these masking techniques and whether the PA channeled any funds to support terrorist organisations. This amounts to a breach of different European Union laws in the areas of human rights and budget control.

The European Commission has stressed the importance of investigating this allegations several times.However, the current procedure of the commission creates no confidence in its ability and will to open investigations.

Already the term of the last European Commission ended apruptly because of financial irregularities. The Commission might act logically in not taking an exact look at the financial transfers, however, this will not be favourable for the trust of European citizens in the European Commission (which requires „good governance“ from countries all over the world).

The request is supported so far by Members from six parliamentary groups of the EP.
The following MEPs will participate in the press conference:

Rijk van Dam (EDD, The Netherlands)
Willy De Clercq (Liberals, Belgium)
Frédérique Ries (Liberals, Belgium)
Lennart Sacrédeus (PPE, Sweden)
Ilka Schröder (GUE, Germany)
Matti Wuori (Greens, Finland)
François Zimeray (PSE, France)


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