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Ilka Schröder


Press release,
No. 07/02, Strasbourg, October 24, 2002

Decision to Support Palestinians despite Antisemitic Attacks

Sponsoring Terrorists Continues

Statement by Ilka Schröder, independent member of the parliamentary group UEL/NGL (which holds a directly opposed opinion in its majority) on the decision taken by the European Parliament against the recommendation of its Budget Control Committee to continue financing the Palestinian Authority with another € 15 million:

There has been hard evidence for the use of EU funding to sponsor terrorists for several months. The European Parliament does not seem to care: blindfolding themselves is the approach followed by the majority of members of Parliament.
Since the European Commission has proven its incompetence in internal controls, the establishment of an inquiry committee is necessary in order to deal with the issue politically.
Currently supportive signatures for the establishment of such an inquiry committee are being collected among the members of Parliament.

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