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Ilka Schröder


Press Release [deutsch]
Bruxelles 30.01.2003

Enquiry Committee concerning the EU funding of Arafat's PA is within easy

157 Members of Parliament demand Clarification: Quorum for the Request of an Enquiry Committee has been reached reach

Regarding the request for an Enquiry Committee concerning the EU funding in the Middle East and its probable misuse by the Palestinian Authority to sponsor antisemitic terrorist acts, Ilka Schröder, Member of the European Parliament proclaims:

Today, we have reached the required quorum of signatures to bring in our request. More than 157 Members of European Parliament support the investigation of dubious financial transactions within Arafat's administration. By introducing our request next week, we force the EP's Conference of the Presidents of the political groups to deal with our concern. Then, the Parliament has to vote on the constitution of an enquiry committee in one oft its next sessions.

The experience in establishing other enquiry committees indicates that the biggest hurdle is taken by successfully reaching the required quorum of signatures.

The European Commission has had enough opportunities to show Foreign Commissioner Mr. Patten the red card for his winking approval
of terrorist attacks funded by the EU.

Since there can be no investigations expected neither from Mr. Patten nor from the rather short-sighted Commission president Mr. Prodi, the Parliament will have to take action.

I thank my dear colleagues Willy De Clercq (Belgium, Liberals), Charles Tannock (United Kingdom, Conservative), François Zimeray (France, Socialists), Gianfranco Dell´Alba (Italy, Radical Party) and Frédérique Ries (Belgium, Liberals) for their support and the good co-operation.
In a different way, I would like to thank my political opponents who have unintentionally supported my initiative with their dumb counterpropaganda.

For further questions, please call: 0032.2.2 84 74 49

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