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Ilka Schröder


Press release 4/2003
Brussels 05.02.2003

European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) starts investigation:

Political investigations of the payments to Arafat should not be made by pocket calculators only

Regarding the decision of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) to investigate the EU payments to the Palestinian Authority, Ilka Schröder, independent Member of the European Parliament and initiator of the request to constitute an enquiry committee, proclaims:

Serious investigations of the misuse of EU money in the Middle East are very welcome. But it is astonishing how late OLAF takes action. Precisely one day after I handed over the more than 160 signatures supporting the request for the constitution of an enquiry committee, OLAF starts to do its duty. The reproaches that EU money were systematically channelled to a black budget to finance the war have been well known since more than seven months.

With their calculators the book-keepers of OLAF could check the technical details how the EU funded antisemitic terror acts. But the main topic must be a political evaluation of the Commission's policy. And there is far more to investigate than corruption and fraud. It must be enquired if the European Commission is tolerating the murder of jewish persons - sponsored with EU money. The seep-away of Europe's taxpayers' money in private swimming pools in Palestine would be much better than that.

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