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Ilka Schröder


Press Release [deutsch]
No 24/2001, Brussels, September 28th, 2001
[more: special edition of my information magazine Denkpause]

Favouring former Green principles:

MEP leaves Green Party and changes EP Group

Today, I left the German Green Party and the Greens/European Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament. I am now a non-party Member of the European Parliament and an associated Member of the confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left
A special edition of my information magazine Denkpause - that has also been translated into English - features a political declaration explaining this step. In the magazine, which is also being sent to all Green Party District Organisations, it says:
“It was because of their former principles that I joined the Greens. It is obvious that the party does not stand for those fundamental principles any more. Actually, this should be sufficient as an explanation for my resignation. I would rather expect an explanation from those who stay in the party, who even campaign for it, and still call themselves left-wing, to explain their reasons. Nevertheless, I will summarise in this edition the criticism of the Greens that I have uttered during the last few years.

There still exists a widespread prejudice saying that the Greens were not improving anything - which even green bodies sometimes concede - but that they were not exacerbating anything either. This assumption is false, because the Greens have systematically been breaking taboos in all important areas of politics that all future governments may or will have to build on: military assaults by German soldiers have become part of the standard repertoire of German politics as well as the German-led European forces, entry permits for migrants that are allocated according to their capitalist exploitability, and a so-called nuclear consensus that will severely limit the room for manoeuvre of future governments that might possibly go for a withdrawal from nuclear energy.

Thus, the red-green government has implemented the dream programme of all Christian Democrats, who are now facing an extremely difficult election campaign. To set off against the the governing coalition, their programme will have to be even more belligerent, more friendly to the industry, more hostile to social standards, fundamental rights and non-Germans than the realpolitik of the governing coalition already is. And they will have to implement that programme in the case of victory.

My political standpoint will not be affected at all by my leaving the group, nor my outlook on the development of the Greens. Even in the future, I will meet the principles of the current party platform to a much higher degree than those MEPs who are still enlisted in the party’s membership file. Political adversaries have a long time ago realised that my criticism from within and my attempts to unmask have harmed the party’s informal programme a lot more than would have been possible had I left the party earlier. This is one of the reasons which will make champagne corks pop like machine guns today in the Berlin party headquarter as well as in the Green Group’s Bureau in Brussels. Unfortunately, I have not only harmed the Greens. My activities have deluded the public into believing in the existence of a certain degree of pluralism within the Greens, which had positive effects on the Green’s image. In reality, that pluralism has long ago ceased to exist, and the party leadership has been fighting it for quite some time now with a party regulations suit against myself.

The declaration of withdrawal also touches some of the more important “merits” of the European and German Greens. The core of the argumentation are Germany’s new hegemonial ambitions, the foiling of a withdrawal from nuclear energy and the extension of fortifications on the EU’s external frontiers, all of which are happening or have happened while the Greens were taking responsibility in government. Among the other points are the perversion of parliamentarism by means of consensus rounds with industry lobbies, the extension of the surveillance state and an anti-social welfare and labour-market policy that is directed against a self-determinated life. As a bonus, the magazine contains a collection of well-qualified comments from green politicians on myself (Best of “stupid goose”).
My leaving the party has no connection whatsoever to the events of September 11th.

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