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Ilka Schröder


Press Release [deutsch]
No 25/2001, Brussels, October 3rd, 2001

Asylum and migration in the European Parliament

German standardization of the EU

Ilka Schröder MEP(independent) declares on the vote on the migration and asylum policies in today´s plenary session:

Of all the days, it had to be the day of the German reunification that the EU’s migration policy was brought into line according to German standards. By approving the Pirker report, the majority of the parliament decided for a Europe-wide selection of migrants according to the criteria of capitalist exploitability. An immigration permit and thereby the right to live in the EU will be assigned to those whose human capital is optimally usable for the EU economies. The economisation of migration politics contradicts every modern understanding of civil rights which should be guaranteed to all people on an equal basis.

In a further report on asylum policy (Evans), on the contrary, criticism of the German asylum policy is subtly uttered. The report criticises the concept of “safe third countries” which is used by Germany to deport asylum seekers withouth checking their reasons for migration. However, the Evans report is too diplomatic to give a decisive halt to the restrictive German asylum policy. It neither contains tangible improvements for the illegalised, nor does it provide a safe harbour for non-approved refugees. On top of that, it also criticises the services of those who help refugees to enter the EU. That is also why the Social Democrats and the Greens could vote positively on the report without a problem.


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