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Ilka Schröder

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Written Question to the European Council
on the search of "Vrankrijk" in Amsterdam by Dutch police
submitted by MEP Ilka Schröder on February 13, 2002

On January 17, 2002 at around 3:30 a.m. approximately 200 members of the Amsterdam police raided the internationally known building "Vrankrijk", Spuistraat 216, in the center of town. They allegedly seriously hurt a neighbor with a police baton who later had to be treated in hospital, and searched all 14 apartments ( During the raid, several books, mobile phones and a collection of water pistols were confiscated by the police. According to a statement of inhabitants, the police also searched apartments for which she did not have search warrants (

  1. What knowledge does the Council have about the search of the "Vrankrijk"? On which legal grounds was this search carried out?
  2. What measures does the Council plan to take in order to prevent the search of buildings or of part of buildings in the member states?
  3. What knowledge does the Council have about own proposals or proposals of the European Commission to protect the fundamental rights of people within the EU - especially the right to privavy - from arbitrary police action?


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