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Ilka Schröder

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The Ashai Shimbun (Tokyo, Japan) 22.02.2002

"Echelon"symposium was held in Tokyo

The symposium which invited Ilka Schroeder (Germany) of the European Parliament Special Committees about an international interception-of-communications system "Echelon " was held in Tokyo on the 16th. Schroeder said, "Echelon is the powerful system which consisted of thousands of computers in the world. This System can snoop military affairs, diplomacy, industry, and general public's communication. It threaten fundamental human rights".

Echelon, it is supposed that five nations-U.S.,Canada, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand -are carrying out joint employment. The European Parliament special committee adopted the final report in July, last year, which indecates "the existence did not already have doubt".

Schrader ,while carried out limited evaluation to the report, pointed out "European Union (EU) is also considering original secret information system "Enfopol" construction, using the concern to Echelon. On the other hand, intelligence service has expanded a budget and authority on and after September 11 . In order to have protected privacy, the intelligence service itself needed to be abolished".

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