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Editorial | Denkpause 14 | 17.09.01 [deutsch]

Dear reader,

those who wish to enter the EU have to observe certain standards in their constitutional state. Talking about human rights, people often refer to Turkey, and for good reasons: A hundred years ago, the import of typewriters was prevented there, for fear of anonymous, not handwritten scripts.
Meanwhile criminologists are able to assign written texts to the typewriter of their origin. The Turkish prohibition will have been annulled in the meantime. In the EU, on the other hand, the search for possibilities of supervising the data traffic via the internet continues with surveillance state instruments, e.g. against cybercrime. The government coalition of the Prime Minister of Turkey, Bülent Ecevit, had an according law proposal be deleted in the last minute. This draft would have meant that providers of internet sites need to obtain the approval of the authorities as well as to inform the public prosecutors about every update.
The deletion should set an example for the Green members of the European parliament. The costs for the website are not met any more by the parliamentary group as long as unspecified offences against the code of conduct of the parliamentary group are not renounced.
Payment for the last DENKPAUSE was, however, refused with the following argument: The censorship body does not like the "reference published in the brochure that a suit against the parliamentary group executive committee could not be avoided". Here someone is sanctioned for the fact that she announces publicly to make use of a law warranty assigned to every EU citizen. Thus, the EU Greens needed to be taught more about fundamental rights questions before they will qualify for an accession to Turkey.
Ilka Schröder

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